Lack of range when using my remote. Sometimes it work great. Other times I have to be right under it or it doesn't work at all.

Rage problems occur when there is a weak signal or interference. Check or change the battery in the transmitter. Use of LED bulbs can also cause no range. Most garage door openers require the use of standard light bulbs. Check with the manufacturer for any compatibility issues.

My transmitters (clickers - push button car units) quit working yet my wall button works. What is wrong?

Try the following 4 possibilities

1- Check the wall station. If there is a lock out or vacation button on it, push and hold that button for a second. See if your transmitters work now.

2- Change the batteries in the transmitter.

3- Your receiver may need to be replaced.

4- Your opener may have lost its code. If you have an opener that has a smart button (You may find this on the part of the opener facing the back of the garage, or under one of the light covers), push the smart button and push the transmitter button. You must do this for each transmitter. If your opener has toggle switches, you will need to compare the positions with those on your transmitter to make sure that they match.

My opener goes down a foot and reverses, but if I hold the wall button the door will close completely.

If the opener has been installed since 1993, they all have safety beams or eyes mounted on each track about 5 inches from the floor. Check your eyes! (No, you don't need to see the optometrist!).

1- See if there is anything in front of the sensors, like a shovel or box.

2- Clean them and check the alignment.

3- See if the wires have become detached.

If none of these remedy the condition, call us.

My opener hums and won't open the door.

Your opener hums and you don't like the tune? More than likely it's the capacitor. This is found inside the opener. Unplug the opener. Take the cover off. Get the information from it (The capacitor is a cylinder shaped object, usually 1-1/2" in diameter and 3" long). You will need the MFD number and the VAC number. It is important that the capacitor is replaced in the same manner with the writing facing the same direction as the one removed. If it is a Sears/Chamberlain/Liftmaster opener and if there are white shavings beneath the will need a gear kit.

My garage door goes up about 3" and stops. What could be the cause?

More than likely it's a broken spring. If it's a torsion spring (on a bar above the door) we do not advise the customer to touch it. There is a lot of torque on the spring and it could easily cause physical damage (in other words, hurt you!). If there are two springs, they should both be changed as they both get the same amount of use with the opening and closing of the door.